A Little Bit of Insight

The Travelling Code Camp is a crash course, created to expose budding coders of all ages to programming. Designed to move around the world, the code camp hopes to inspire young minds with a side of technology they may never have seen before.


We live in an age of technology where everything around us is intelligent. Everything we use has been programmed by someone and we must update ourselves to keep up with these advancements. The new generations learn how to use smartphones and computers before they even learn to walk or talk, but they are not exposed to what’s behind the scenes.

With the advancements in technology, the need for programmers is increasing. Our younger students need to be exposed and encouraged to try skills that aren’t typically taught at schools, so more students can think about technical professions.

Learning to program will open various doors; younger students will think about career options outside of traditional paths. Their logical reasoning will improve and they will become better problem solvers. It will also encourage them to realise that technical professions require a lot of creativity and isn’t just a job for science-lovers.